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Successful collaborations are at the heart of the Tech Goes Home. TGH has partnered with more than 300

schools and local community sites to run digital skills courses across Greater Boston.

Being a Partner

TGH serves as program manager, recruiting and training individuals from the partner organizations to run the digital life skills training classes. TGH provides the course model, hand-picked curriculum, marketing material, course volunteers, as well as the computer or iPad and, if needed, 12 months of internet for each individual or family. TGH also collects data before, during, and after each course to increase program efficacy. TGH supports instructors throughout the course via virtual class visits, meetings, and email.

The partner organizations provide course instructors, classroom space, and, if needed, computers on which to run the course. The course instructors recruit learners, select curriculum pieces based on the needs of their learners, and schedule and run the training sessions. This localized approach enables learners to develop strong support networks and lasting bonds with instructors and fellow learners.

Become a TGH Site

Becoming a TGH site is a great way to be involved and bring positive impact to your community. If you're interested in becoming a TGH site, click below to view the necessary steps you need to take.


Check out all the past and present TGH locations.

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