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Below you will find the answers to many of the questions you might have about volunteering for TGH. 

What is Tech Goes Home?

The Tech Goes Home (TGH) program is a national award-winning initiative that has successfully provided residents the tools, education and access required for 21st-century skills development. Through partnerships with schools and community institutions, participants develop skills and habits required for smart technology and Internet use. Enrollees receive fifteen hours of classroom training, a new netbook or mobile device (for $50 co-pay), and, for eligible residents, access to low-cost home Internet.

Who does Tech Goes Home serve?

Tech Goes Home creates access and possibilities for new technology users:

  • Majority of household incomes under $20,000/yr

  • 79% single female heads of household

  • 41% of adults are English language learners

  • 10% of students have severe physical disabilities

Why should I volunteer?

The organization needs you! TGH is a non-profit with less than 10% overhead. Translation: as much money as possible is spent on the program, and the TGH staff relies heavily on volunteer resources to achieve its mission.


The issue is urgent! Being connected to the Internet has become an essential extension to our families, our schools, and our places of employment. There is convincing evidence that up to 25% of a child’s grade is related to parental involvement, yet many participating parents report that they had never even been to their child’s school prior to TGH. In addition, up to 80% of all jobs are now posted exclusively online, leaving many unemployed members of the community without access. In the past three years TGH has worked with over 10,000 Bostonians to bring families closer together and to help them use online resources to improve their lives, but there is still tremendous need for digital equity.


By joining TGH you:

  • Make a lasting impact on underserved Bostonians by helping them live, learn, earn, work, and play through TGH

  • Join a network of dedicated people working to lower the digital divide

  • Improve your own knowledge of online resources -- 100% of our trainers report that they learned something new

  • Gain access to volunteer appreciation events such as happy hours and socials

What would I be doing as a volunteer?

In a nutshell, volunteers help TGH participants understand how online resources and technology can improve their lives. Volunteers can help out in class with technology and resource guidance, and they can help in class or remotely by translating for participants who don't speak English.


CLICK HERE for full descriptions of the volunteer positions

What is the time commitment?

Most of the TGH volunteer positions are flexible enough to let volunteers “choose their adventure” in terms of time commitment. However, most volunteers will serve 1-2 hours per week.


Occasionally there are one-time opportunities that only require a single-day commitment. To find out more information about these opportunities email

Where would I be volunteering?

Volunteers either work at one of our TGH sites or work remotely depending on how they want to help. There are 120 program sites in the Greater Boston area, and volunteers will be matched to a site that is accessible and where there is need.

Are there virtual volunteer opportunities?

Yes! Volunteers with busy schedules can still:

  • Offer resource guidance and tech support to our participants online

  • Translate materials for the TGH website

  • Create tutorials for the TGH website

Who volunteers?

TGH Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, and from all over the Greater Boston area. Previous volunteers have worked everywhere from Google to Boston Public Schools.

What is Orientation/Training?

Each volunteer will attend an orientation prior to working with TGH. Orientations are run by our fantastic partners at Boston Cares.

Can I do multiple volunteer programs?

Of course! We encourage our volunteers to engage with TGH in as many ways as possible.

What is the application process like?

1. Complete an application.

2. Attend an orientation & training event.


That’s it, easy as 1-2-3!

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